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About Mumbai Chairs

Based in Mumbai Maharashtra, India we specialize in many forms of furniture manufacturing, repairing with emphasis on chairs and sofas, table and furniture making and repairing. The Mumbai Chairs is well set up with modern technique and classic equipment. We employ the finest technique, who work on many diverse projects. The Mumbai Chairs secret is its total one roof service. Simply, we do the lot. From design to prototyping and on to full production. Our workshop is enough to handle large chair runs for your requirements yet small enough to make you a very special. Our start to end facilities workshop is well set up with full-scale drawing as well as CAD and computer drawing. The workshop set up is totally unique. Under one roof Mumbai Chairs has the following works:

  • Fabricating and Engineering the frame of products
  • Designing and selecting fabric as per specification
  • Polishing and packing the products and sending destination/warehouse
  • Repairing of chairs, sofa, tables, and furniture

Environmental and quality issues

At Mumbai Chairs, we believe that the material we use is our value and we use it with respect. All accessories, parts and timber used come from the reputed brand with only reputable suppliers used. Our specious area is cleaned to maintain the high-quality products to be clean and neat. This is achieved through state of the art equipment that meets the requirements local norms.

Chair and sofa making, repairing and maintaining

Mumbai Chairs are one of leading furniture products workshop in Mumbai that can take an idea for a sofa or chair and turn it simply and quickly into a working product. If you are a designer looking for a manufacturer or repairer we can help. We can guide you through the designing process so you can fully understand what is actually required to turn an idea or drawing into a product. So a quick chat before you start designing can save you a lot of money. Please feel free to call us at any time with your ideas and we will help you make sure your product is on target for price and so success

Tables and furniture Making, Repairing and Maintaining

Mumbai Chairs team makers are incredibly versatile and are capable of making a simple bed-side cabinet or a complicated reception desk for a hotel, office. We also make the finest solid hardwood tables from timbers like Oak or Black Walnut. If you have any bespoke cabinet requirements just email or fax us your drawings and we will see what we can do. As all Mumbai Chairs furniture & table making is bespoke, the pictures shown on this site are for guidance only. Sizes styling and timbers are all entirely up to you. We also work with other materials like: Stainless Steel, Glass, Slate and Marble. We also take AMC of the products and maintain your products new for ever

Staff, training, and jobs

At Mumbai Chairs we employ the finest staff we can find. Typically our trained staff will have worked in the trade for many years and or had in house training. We employ people from the following backgrounds: Wood machining, cabinet making, frame making, polishing and upholstery. To date all have enjoyed the experience